PEOPLE . Patafisic is very  interested into processes and people involved. We believe that quality products are made by people who equally collaborate sharing knowledge and competence. We are very thankful to the old Ladies Knitters who taught us indeed. 

PROCESS . Our supply chain starts selecting fine yarns from stocks and dead-stocks of Italian yarn companies. The production is made in small Italian knitwear laboratories. Some operations are held by us, like hand knit, pattern making, cut with less waste as possible, hand dying and hand painting. Currently we manufacture hand knit in Berlin and collaborate with small knitting companies in Tuscany. We produce in Limited  Edition Collections and Made to Order one-of-a kind Knits.

MATERIALS . Our knits are made from fine yarns. We prefer natural fibers: merinos wool, alpaca, mohair, cotton, linen and silk. Our selection of materials takes in consideration also  fine blended yarns with synthetic fibers to performe more elasticity and comfort. Sourcing from deadstocks the use of blended yarns reduces the waste of fibers that cannot be regenerated. We deliver our knits in paper boxes and paper wraps.

PRODUCT . Some comments from our customers describe Patafisic knits: “Basic with a twist” “ It’s so comfortable and cosy that became my Linus blanket ” “ I still wear my Patafisic merinos sweater, it must have like 15 years and looks always new! ” “ I wear Patafisic since the 90’s! “ “ My Patafisic pieces reminds me playful times. “ “ I gave my old Patafisic minimal tube sweater to my daughter, she was so happy! “ “ I wanted a sweater that no one else had, I choose Patafisic Random Knit.” “ What I like about Patafisic knits is that I can find design beyond fashion. “

We care a lot about environment, we achieve zero waste and we do our best to reduce impact. We suggest our clients to do not often wash our knits, but to let them open air breathing.



Designers Brenda Cecchi and Andrea Sicuro founded Patafisic Design Studio in 1995 when they were students. Among various projects of interior design and architecture they designed a Kit DIY, to make your own knit garment. The Kit was developed into collections, once a year from 1996 to 1999, distributed at Isetan Tokyo, Barneys NY and Italian selected stores.

In 2000 the duo designers introduce the Flatness Project, rectangular knits, body wrapping and functionality, convertible and reversible. Patafisic Collections were presented during Paris Fashion Week till 2010 and distributed in selected stores till 2012.

After a break the cofounder, Brenda Cecchi, driven by a never-stop-knitting thought, creates The Random Knit Project and The Replica Serie from Archive, bringing back Patafisic Heritage.

In 2020 Patafisic Studio moved from Florence to Berlin.


As a conscious tribute to the rational absurdity described by Alfred Jarry’s Pataphysics; Patafisic research has always been focused on the intimate relations between basic and pure concepts and their possible, imaginary, deviant solutions.

Fascinated by yarns work and passionate about their DIY approach the duo designers subvert the traditional knitting methods, with cuts and deconstruction. Even so, exploring tradition and craft, Patafisic plays around body-conscious and geometric shapes, involving the body action; slowly wear for self determination.


Brenda Cecchi, architect/ fashion designer teaches Knitwear Design since 2002 in Fashion and Art schools. Fashion achievements: 1994 Biennial of Young Artist, Lisbon / 1996 Isetan Dep. Store Tokyo / 2011 Prèt-à-Porter Milano / 2022 Project Leader with the contribution of EU and S4Fashion / 2023 Project Partner with the contribution of EU and Worth Project. Design graduation in 1999, University of Architecture in Florence. Currently based in Berlin.

Andrea Sicuro, architect/ interior designer left the studio in 2007 and he still gives support to the project.


Patafisic collaborates with friends, designers, photographers, artists, choreographers and performers for costumes, custom made outfits and live presentations.